As with many educational initiatives, the restructuring of advisory to address personalized learning and career advising might elicit the question: “how are we going to fit this in?” Any positively framed solution must address time constraints that can seem mismatched to the potential breadth of an initiative like an advisory program.

Praise the student’s successful strategy, not just the successful student.

A follow up to a Nov. 30 presentation with CSSU Director of Learning and Innovation Jeff Evans, Tarrant Institute Professional Coordinator Scott Thompson, SCS Technology Integrationist Jeff Badillo and SCS Middle School Co-Principal Allan Miller. We teamed up to help our Middle School families better understand our shift to Proficiency Based Learning (PBL).

Fire Prevention Day

Telling School Stories with Digital Media

A first creation after an excellent workshop with RETN and The Tarrant Institute for Innovative Education. I seized the opportunity to film when I saw how excited students were to see firefighters in their school. Hoping it will be the first of many school stories I “tell” this year.

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